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’Tis the season to talk about the top Christmas toys! 2014 is a cracker of a year, with robots, sassy Disney princesses, rebooted classic board games and super smart tablets competing for children’s affections. This is your go-to site for the season’s must-have toys; the ones that have kids writing their lists and counting the sleeps until Christmas day!

Whether you’re buying a stocking filler for a niece or need to find something that’ll have your son jumping up and down with excitement, you’ll find the best Christmas Toys right here. Discover all of this year’s most popular toys in one place. These are the games, puzzles, robots, gadgets and characters that the toy industry and major players like Amazon and Hamleys have tipped for superstardom.

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These are the top toys for Christmas 2014

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Our Christmas toy picks for 2014

MiP Robot

Say hello to the smartest, coolest robot in toyland! MiP is a balancing robot who responds to your gestures, plays games, dances and boxes. Forget remote control pads, MiP will move with a wave of your hand.

MiP is a little guy with a big personality. Encourage or reward MiP and he’ll be your best buddy. Treat him mean and he’ll get mad!

Disney Frozen Elsa Ice Skating Doll

Fans of the movie will adore the Disney Frozen Elsa Ice Skating doll! Recreate the wonderful scene where our heroine glides and twirls across the ice at the end of the film. Ella’s arms and legs move when you push her forwards, which makes her look like she’s actually skating. She looks the part too, with a gorgeous cape, bodice, skirt and tiara.

Cra-Z-Loom Bracelet Maker

The crafty playground craze that’s swept the nation is still going strong! Cra-Z-Loom is set to be one of the bestselling Christmas toys for 2014. Cheap as chips and easy to get the hang of, this accessory maker includes a whopping 600 differently coloured rubber bands, a loom and a weaving hook to get you started. Make bracelets, rings, pendants, belts, and fashion hair accessories.

LEGO Arctic Base Camp

Zip up your fleece and dig out your mittens, we’re off to the LEGO Arctic Base Camp! Boldly go where few huskies have been before in a tough polar exploration vehicle with massive tyres and a powerful rotating drill that cuts through ice like butter. This LEGO set has lots of wow factor features, including a lab with moving walls, a helicopter, a snow scooter, and 7 Arctic-themed minifigures.

This set will keep brickheads busy way past Boxing Day!

LEGO Friends Heartlake Shopping Mall

Hang out with Stephanie, Emma, Sophie and Julian at the fabulous LEGO Friends Heartlake Shopping Mall! This shopper’s paradise has got must-have toy written all over it. We’re talking 4 mini dolls, a bridal shop with a tiara and bouquet, a sports shop, a revolving door, and a food court with a pizza place. When you’ve done the Christmas toy sales, pack your purchases into the boot of the convertible car and zoom home.

My Monopoly

This time it’s personal!

The classic family board game gets a reboot for Christmas 2014. Customise the game with an app that lets you personalise it with photos and stickers. Create your own tokens and put a customised stamp on famous streets, properties, community chest and chance cards. Move round the board and make your fortune buying properties and charging rents. Will you be a billionaire or go bankrupt?

InnoTab Max

VTech’s fastest ever tablet is packed with big features. Choose the InnoTab Max if you want a high-res 7-inch screen, 8GB of storage, HDMI hookup, a 180-degree rotating camera, and a super sturdy stand with a removable cover. Play games, chat with friends, take photos, and sharpen your reading, language, science, maths and creative skills. If you want a Christmas toy that unlocks a whole universe of educational fun and games, go Max!

Nerf 2-in-1 N-Strike Elite Demolisher Blaster

Lock, load and let rip with the Nerf 2-in1 N-Strike Demolisher Blaster! The folks at Hasbro have brought the really big toy guns out for Christmas 2014. We’re talking simultaneous motorised and pump-action blasting with darts and missiles over a range of up to 90 feet! Thanks to the detachable missile storage stock and 10-dart banana clip, you won’t have to pause to reload.

Little Live Pets Bird Cage

All the fun of a budgie without the bother! Parents and kids will love the Little Live Pets Bird Cage. Watch your little one’s face light up when the bird chirrups, sings and responds to touch. He can even talk back to you after listening to your voice, and whistle a happy tune. At around £20, he makes an extra special Christmas present at an affordable price.

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The top toys for Christmas 2014 will keep kids and big kids entertained. Dads will be itching to get their hands on the Nerf 2-in-1 Strike Elite Demolisher Blaster. Crafty parents will be well happy to see kids engaged with the Cra-Z-Loom, and grandparents can get involved with My Monopoly.

Fans of building blocks are in for a treat. The LEGO Arctic Base has bestselling toy written all over it! Meanwhile, the LEGO Heartlake Shopping Mall will keep mini fashionistas occupied for hours.

Hunting for a hard-to-find Christmas toy? If you’re seeing Out of Stock signs in your sleep, don’t worry. We feature eBay auctions too.